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The one common factor among the super-rich, the super healthy, the super intelligent, or super anything is they all are habituated to routines that separate them from the rest. Successful individuals build these routines over the years by dedicating extensive hours and having a non-negotiable deal to fulfill them.

Be it rain or sunshine, bad or good mood, loss or profit; the successful do not skip routines.

The rest believe the success of individuals is based on some form of luck. But luck is presented to all; only the ones who are ready can convert chance into an opportunity. Readiness comes from routines. To gain mastery of any aspect, you need to put in 10000 hours of serious practice. How far are you?

How do successful individuals achieve this?

Why do the rest fail?

My tryst in overcoming the damaging routines to build strong habits

In 2015-2016, I got affected by mental health issues, and it took three years to recover. During the phase and after, I developed routines that have become a part of my identity.
Becoming Unstoppable! The habits I built helped me improve mental and physical health, schedule my day with productive tasks, create an alternate career that helped me come out of a corporate job I was in for twenty years, and build a good savings and investment plan.
Post recovery, I wrote two books on personal transformation and habits and now coach corporate employees and students on emotional intelligence, leadership, change management, and wellness.

The change was only possible through the schedule I have designed for myself that is followed daily.

With the Shift Left Experience training on ‘Transform into Beast Mode,” I bring you the deep insights, the process, and the mindset that will make you unstoppable with the habits you envision.

These methods will help you or your employees develop excellence in every walk of life, whether at work or home.

To become unstoppable in your action, I provide hacks that make activity attractive, accessible, and automated.

Because all your habits developed today, good or bad, happens without you noticing them. However, they are those behaviors that have created your identity.

As we move closer to digital modes of learning, I offer a holistic training app where you can view free life-hack videos and articles on emotional intelligence, setting and sustaining habits, disrupting technology, and damaging human behaviors on the go and also access some of my flagship training programs.

I believe these subjects are the need of the hour in every stratum of society, and they should not be limited to a few domains.

You can download the app here on your phone and get busy with learning.

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