The Shift Left Experience

After serving and rising through the ranks at corporates, I bring the nuances of work, performance, productivity, and leadership, which I learned for twenty years, to your doorstep through the Shift Left Experience program.

  • The dynamics of productivity and performance are rapidly changing, and this not only calls for altering leadership styles but adds elements of dealing with uncertainties and managing change
  • The rate of technological acceleration is disrupting established structures of business and calls for tremendous flexibility and agility
  • The technological developments of the entire twentieth century will be achieved in the first twenty-five years of the twenty-first century. How programmed is the human mind to deal with this pace?
  • On the other hand, there is equal stress for firms to deliver profits consistently amidst a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world to its stakeholders
  • With my expertise in Process Re-engineering, Customer Experience Transformation, Project Management, and Training, I have decoded these complex concepts for organizations and educational institutions

Also, unfortunately, during my high-flying stint in the corporate world a few years ago, I got hit by a speed bump.

For three years, I suffered anxiety and panic attacks where daily chores had turned into nightmarish tasks. The agony even crawled into my sleep. Fortunately, although it took painstakingly long, I could cope with the problems.

  • The cracks I filled to overcome my pain and the modern-day issues I learned concerning self-care led me to write a holistic book on the subject
  • Post publishing Shift Left, I was called upon by corporates and colleges to speak on these topics with their employees and students, respectively, for this is a growing monster that very few can curtail
  • The number of cases concerning mental instability has crossed over a billion people worldwide, contributing to one in every eight individuals suffering from mental instability
  • I published my second book, Out of the Shoe Rack, which comprises activities and journaling on developing and sustaining powerful habits for the reader

I explored the area deeply with books, studies, research, and, importantly my experience at the corporate to design the program for employees and students.

The Shift Left Experience program focuses extensively on four broad topics.
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Emotional Intelligence


Dealing with Change

Transform into Beast Mode

The four topics of the Shift Left Experience form the pillars of modern-day living and working

Besides, the World Economic Forum has listed the branches of the above areas as the top skills to have by 2025.

Within a year, I could speak and deliver sessions on these subjects at top corporates of the country with participation from India and overseas.

The reasons that the program draws interest and returns to its promise is because,

  • I do not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach with my training as I believe from all my work experience with high-performing teams, each group or organization has its unique set of challenges
  • I customize training solutions with your learning and development or business functions to address the core of your issues and then deliver
  • I adopt a transformation training methodology as compared to certification – where every learning gets deeply imbibed in the participant's personal and professional life
  • I use a narrative than a theoretical approach to engage with participants to keep the learning relevant and realistic

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As we move closer to digital modes of learning, I offer a holistic training app where you can view free life-hack videos and articles on emotional intelligence, setting and sustaining habits, disrupting technology, and damaging human behaviors on the go and also access some of my flagship training programs.

I believe these subjects are the need of the hour in every stratum of society, and they should not be limited to a few domains.

You can download the app here on your phone and get busy with learning.

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