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We are an outcome of what we see, feel, believe, think and act. Our emotions are a bridge between what we see and what we believe. There would be occasions where what we see is also based on our emotions.

As renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman states, “What you see is all there is.”

Why do we need Emotional Intelligence?

Our emotions create bias. Bias essentially means a prejudice towards a person or a group. If a person or a group is known to you, chances are high you would vote for this person or group in all decisions. When the bias influences our thinking ability, it turns out to be a cognitive bias.

Cognitive bias is driven by our ecosystem of nature, people, education, culture, society, etc. In some instances, cognitive bias may help you with intuitive knowledge of the dangers while crossing the road, what to eat, how to travel to work and return home, and so on. But it can be fatal for many actions, and the risk can be anywhere on a scale of one to ten.

You might say that you are perfectly fine and do not carry cognitive biases. Every individual thinks they are fine and the world is flawed, or this is not something that could happen to me.

Examples of failed Emotional Intelligence

Cognitive Biases can severely impact an organization's performance, leadership, or culture. An example can be seen in Gender Bias in the workplace, where women are not looked upon for specific job roles. In 2010, only 15% of top positions in US Fortune-500 companies were held by women.

Another example can be seen in Confirmation Bias which involves favoring information that confirms previously existing beliefs. If I like a particular town or university, I might always hire candidates in an organization who hail from there. Or prefer people who are left-handed, because I met some who were extremely talented.

How Emotional Intelligence helps?

How I help you with Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence as a skill of the future

Emotional Intelligence
is ranked
one of the top skills in the next five years
by the
World Economic Forum

We are constantly
driven by challenges concerning
our employees,
and profitability

Leaders of today and the future must display high levels of Emotional Intelligence in steering teams to desired goals.

The roles are quickly changing from being a boss to a coach

As we move closer to digital modes of learning, I offer a holistic training app where you can view free life-hack videos and articles on emotional intelligence, setting and sustaining habits, disrupting technology, and damaging human behaviors on the go and also access some of my flagship training programs.

I believe these subjects are the need of the hour in every stratum of society, and they should not be limited to a few domains.

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