Out of the Shoe Rack

Our habits form our identity. Habits stem from our surroundings, thoughts, and actions repeated over time and executed without conscious thought. When you decide to change your identity for good, your ecosystem and behaviors need to alter at the microscopic level. Let me tell you; this is not easy. It can only become simple when you set a thorough process of improvement, tracking, and repetition around it.

I often get queries on how to develop and stick to good habits. When I published my book, everyone wanted to know how I wrote a holistic book while working full-time with a demanding corporate job, dedicating time to family, and maintaining a fitness routine. My writing schedule came with the backdrop of having to deal with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and the condition of hypochondria.

I also pulled myself out of financial debts and created sound investment plans during this period. Today I have quit my full-time corporate job and conduct workshops for corporates, educational institutions, and individuals. I also consult start-ups.

When put together, it sounds overwhelming. And it often was. But this was—and is—the life I wanted to carve for myself. Having read dozens of books on the topic, I felt a simple guidebook that explains the science behind transformation would be helpful to you. In addition to the science is my narrative of change. This guide brings you deep insights into transformation that you can implement to become the person you wish to become.

I hope you enjoy this guidebook and can use the tips mentioned in it. Along with the information, I have provided you with task sheets to replicate the hacks in the areas you want to be unstoppable. I hope you find this curated piece a valuable resource in your journey to excellence .

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