Shift Left

Times have improved for humans. Yes, they have, when you consider the advancements in medical interventions, rising standards of living and per capita income, infrastructure and information technology growth over the past hundred years. We no longer need to travel many miles for medical treatment or to earn a living. We are not compelled to wait for ages to access information on any subject. We no longer depend on limited avenues of employment to feed our homes.

Yet, we don’t seem to be happy. The more our situation improves, the more our lives seem beset with petty problems. These problems lead us to anxieties, depression and all forms of existential crises. Flawed societal ideologies and irrelevant rituals form the bedrock of these complications.

Shift Left is a call to individuals to tweak those damaging dogmas and bring about a massive change within themselves. It urges the reader to unlearn irrelevant societal narratives, keeping media shenanigans at bay, managing our subconscious mind, judiciously indulging in ephemeral pleasures, learning that inter-personal relationships can be mended tactfully and in studying the nature of our fears. It further explores how technology is positioned to shape our lives in the future and the emotional intelligence we will need to supersede the artificial intelligence of machines, apps and systems. Eventually, concluding with the moral code and the legacy we must aim to leave.

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